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Dr. Leanne Cross


THE Aesthetic Awards

Celebrates Outstanding Work of Medical Aesthetic Professionals

The second annual THE Aesthetic Awards™ 2012 were presented live on Saturday, April 14th, at the ARIA Resort and Casino as part of THE Aesthetic Show™, the leading multidisciplinary medical education meeting for aesthetic professionals. Hosted by Andrew Ordon, M.D., F.A.C.S., star of the The Doctors, outcomes achieved in several categories by some of the best aesthetic physicians. “I’m once again honored to host this unique event recognizing extremely skilled physicians practicing in our industry, not just in the U.S. but around the world,” said Dr. Ordon. 

Best Facial Injectable Enhancement
Leanne Cross, M.D.


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     Leanne Cross, M.D., attended Georgia State University on a full academic scholarship and graduated with honors in 1993 with a major in Biology, concentration in Anatomy and Physiology, and a minor in Chemistry. 

Dr. Cross then earned an academic scholarship to Medical College of Georgia, where she graduated in the top of her class in 1997. She scored in the top two percent of the nation on the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) and was chosen to be a member of the medical honor society, Alpha Omega Alpha, by a panel of similarly honored physicians. In order to be inducted into this honor society, a physician must perform in the top 10 percent in the nation in knowledge and skill and also display exemplary ethical standards. 


     Dr. Cross has received post-graduate training in surgery, including plastics, as well as pathology, including dermatopathology, and has additional experience in family medicine with a high concentration in dermatological procedures. Her well-rounded background gives her an excellent knowledge base for the important skill of addressing the patient as a whole. Dr. Cross continues to function as Surgeon on Duty on weekends at CW Bill Young Veteran's Hospital, because of her passion and dedication to give back to our country's Veterans. 

     Dr. Cross has completed additional advanced training in specific techniques for the devices and procedures she employs at her Medical Aesthetic practice. She has refined her skills through vendor-specific product training, advanced technique courses, apprenticeships, and 18 years of experience.


     Throughout the years of her aesthetic practice, Dr. Cross has gained the respect of her peers and has provided extensive training for other physicians and practitioners in facial analysis and contouring, in order to assist them in becoming successful in their own aesthetic practices. She strongly believes that Aesthetic Physicians and practices should put aside competition and work together toward the best outcomes for all patients. She has served on an aesthetic advisory board, and regularly is the first choice of her colleagues and vendors when they choose to have their own aesthetic procedures performed. Recognized by her peers for her professional integrity, exceptional skill with dermal fillers, and innovative contributions and artistry, Dr. Cross has become known as “the injector to the injectors.”

   Dr. Cross has an artistic eye and an exceptional attention to detail. Coupled with her years of experience and innovative thinking, patients have come to rely on her superior quality work and beautiful outcomes. She strives to give patients natural-looking outcomes that approximate their own more youthful appearance because she feels it is of utmost importance to not allow an artificial appearance. 


     Dr. Cross asks that, when possible, patients bring one or more photos of themselves from a younger age, when they felt very happy with their appearance. By studying these, she is able to determine not only the easily identifiable age-related changes, but almost more importantly, the numerous subtle changes in facial contour that give away our age. By addressing these global issues, the patient can achieve the most refreshed and vibrant appearance of years past, without having an unbalanced or overfilled result that we see, unfortunately, so commonly in this industry. In fact, one of Dr. Cross' favorite challenges is to take a patient who has been left with an unnatural and unflattering result from another practice, and to restore more natural contours, proportions, and features. Even patients who have felt that their situation was too extreme or hopeless, have been given new hope and confidence through Dr. Cross' effective non-surgical techniques. 

     In her eighteen years of experience in Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Leanne Cross has remained on the forefront of the industry, twice winning the coveted "Best Facial Injectable Enhancement" award at The Aesthetics Show, a national conference of Plastic Surgeons and Aesthetic Physicians. She continually researches latest techniques and technologies and combines these with an unsurpassed artistic talent, to offer her patients the best possible combination of modalities that will give the most impressive revitalized and natural results. 

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