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Laser Skin Tightening and Scar Treatment

Cynosure's Palomar ICON is a versatile laser with amazing capabilities to rejuvenate and correct your skin. Some of the skin issues that can be treated with the ICON include:



- Overall texture and color variation

- Brown spots

- Visible superficial blood vessels and rosacea

- Overall skin laxity

- Fine lines and deeper wrinkles 
- Hair removal


You can also treat other areas of the body, such as hands, arms, and décolletage.





The fractional 1540 treatment is uncomfortable but very tolerable and remodels the skin with very little downtime. The procedure itself takes only 20 minutes after relaxing with topical numbing cream in our comfortable numbing room for approximately 45 minutes.

After the procedure, you will feel as though your face is sunburned, but this sensation subsides quickly in 1-2 hours. There will be some pinkness to the skin and over the next 2-3 days, mild swelling, but you may use make-up as soon as 4 hours after treatment since the skin

Scars such as stretch marks, acne scars, surgical scars, scars from previous injuries (both hypo-pigmented and hyper-pigmented) can be effectively treated with the ICON Laser. Several sessions are required, the total number of treatments will be determined by the severity of the scar.


Discomfort is mild to moderate, but improved with the use of topical numbing cream, and there is minimal downtime. Redness and swelling in the treated area is mild and subsides over a few days.

Scar Treatment

surface remains intact. The skin texture will show improvement within a week, and the collagen remodeling and skin tightening will continue to improve for up to 9 months after treatment.


Because the treatment is "fractional" and "non-ablative", the discomfort is easily tolerable and the downtime is minimal, however, it does require 3-5 sessions, 4 weeks apart to achieve optimal results. 

Fractional 1540 Laser

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