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RHA 1 through 4
Voluma XC

Designed for facial dynamics: Your face is dynamic—making millions of movements every day. Repetitive movements like laughing and talking create facial lines called dynamic wrinkles and folds.

Because these areas are mobile, treating facial lines can be difficult. Sometimes fillers can make the treated area look stiff and unnatural when the face is moving.

The RHA® Collection is different. It is designed to be resilient enough to adapt to your dynamic facial movements for a look that’s beautiful at rest and flawless in motion.

Designed for a natural look: Your skin naturally contains hyaluronic acid (HA), which provides moisture, volume, and structure that help it appear smooth and refreshed. Your skin produces less HA over time as we age.

The RHA® Collection uses a gentle manufacturing process to help preserve the natural structure of HA—allowing it to more closely resemble the HA in your skin—for clean beauty.

Voluma is typically used for cheekbone enhancement. Voluma XC is in the same family as Juvéderm, but is thicker, allowing the injector to volumize and round cheeks that have lost volume with age. It is also a hyhyaluronic acid, and like Juvéderm, is reversible if needed. Voluma XC typically lasts 18-24 months and can be used in any area of the face needing additional volume or support. Like all "XC" products, it contains lidocaine for your comfort.



Comprehensive Approach

Dr. Cross approaches facial fillers and injectables differently than other aesthetic physicians. She assesses the face as a whole and works in an artistic yet systematic manner to address all of the subtle changes in the face that can occur over time. By using such a comprehensive approach, the results are far more natural and youthful, and never appear artificial or overfilled. Dr. Cross expertly uses a variety of different fillers in different locations based upon your needs. She will take the time to educate you on why certain fillers are better in certain areas and on which combination of fillers is best for you. 


Dr. Cross will give you her recommendations, but never wants you to feel pressured in any way. She loves to educate so that every patient feels that they can make the best decision on what's right for them.

Botox and fillers, Medspa Safety Harbor, Full Facial Recontouring
Neuromodulators (Botox/Jeuveau/Daxxify)



Rather than being a traditional filler, SCULPTRA® is strictly a collagen building product, creating volume by prompting your tissues to build collagen wherever the product is placed. Derived from fruit acids, the main ingredient of Sculptra is a biocompatible (does not harm the body), biodegradable (broken down or metabolised by the body) material known as poly-L-lactic acid. Sculptra arrives as a powder and is reconstituted by the doctor with sterile water plus lidocaine for comfort. Because of the way it is reconstituted, it is the only volumizer that can be injected with a water consistency and is, therefore, the best product for smooth, seamless "field-effect" recontouring.


Sculptra is injected over 2-4 sessions 4 weeks apart. After the first session, the amount of collagen response you have had is assessed by Dr. Cross, and the amount of Sculptra you will need for the second session is determined at that time. Usually less product is required for later sessions, but this depends upon how much volume loss was present at the start, and how well your body responds to the stimulus. Because the collagen you grow is your own, the results are very natural. The effects of Sculptra can easily last 2-5 years. Your body gradually removes the product, but the effects can be sustained by doing a "booster session" every 2-3 years. At that time, Dr. Cross can also address any new changes that have occurred due to the aging process, and tailor your treatment appropriately. This gives stable long-lasting results, without the waxing and waning effect seen as the more temporary fillers wear off completely and have to be reinjected.


Radiesse is a filler in the form of a white gel containing tiny microspheres of smooth calcium hydroxylapatite.  Calcium hydroxylapatite has been used for years in neurosurgery, dentistry, and ophthalmology, and Radiesse has been shown in numerous clinical trials to be both safe and long-lasting.


When used for cosmetic purposes, Radiesse provides immediate volume, but then also stimulates collagen growth for a longer-lasting and very natural feeling effect. It is a thicker filler, and is therefore most commonly used for deeper wrinkles and folds and for volumizing cheeks and recontouring the face.


Radiesse typically lasts approximately 18 months.


Neuromodulators such as Botox and Jeuveau (Xeomin and Dysport) are the treatments of choice for wrinkles caused by excessive muscle movement. Areas frequently treated are furrows between the eyebrows, horizontal forehead lines, and crow's feet. Dr. Cross also offers other advanced techniques such as brow lift, under eye "jelly-roll" treatment, lifting the corners of the mouth, platysmal bands on the neck, "gummy smile," "bunny lines", advanced lip techniques, and individualized treatments for asymmetry due to Bell's Palsy and previous stroke.


Results of Botox and Jeuveau typically last about 3 months. Repeated treatments result in further improvement.

When using Daxxify, it activates in 2-3 days and it may take 6-9 months to go back to full movement.

Bellafill is a unique, injectable filler that gives immediate results and also builds your own collagen over time, giving the longest lasting results of any filler. Bellafill has been proven to be very safe and has been shown to last a minimum of 5 years.


The filler contains 20% uniform polymethylmethacrylate microspheres which stimulate collagen production, suspended in a matrix of 80% collagen gel, so that when it is injected, the gel gives immediate results, and then your body gradually takes away the injected gel and replaces it with your own collagen!


If you have never been injected with Bellafill before, a skin test is given prior to treatment to insure that you will not have a reaction to the injected collagen gel. This is a safety precaution, however reactions to the filler are exceedingly rare.


Bellafill is one of Dr. Cross' favorite fillers since it is essentially permanent, so it can be added gradually over time and you never have to go back to square one, re-treating the same areas repeatedly, as is necessary with other fillers. 



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