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Dr. Leanne Cross Wins Prestigious Award | Reuters

Dr. Andrew Ordon of the CBS television series The Doctors presented awards to the esteemed physicians that were honored for creating extraordinary results in patient enhancement procedures during the past year. "These leaders both educate and inspire attendees so that they may refine and enhance their own treatment skills,” commented Michael Moretti, Program Chairman.

Dr. Cross specializes in using facial fillers (Artefill, Sculptra, Radiesse, Juvederm, Restylane, etc.) and Botox to address not only the overt, but also the more subtle signs of aging to restore more youthful contours and proportions of the face, giving a natural, rejuvenated, more youthful look. Because of her extensive experience, she is able to offer the most advanced treatments available. Dr. Cross' outstanding artistic skill, attention to detail and dedication to learning contribute to making her services difficult to match.

Michael Moretti

Las Vegas, Nevada

Dr. Cross is a true artist. What she can do to your face is a true miracle. She made me look 10 years younger in one visit. She makes you feel at ease and explains everything in detail. Everything she touches is a stellar transformation. I have been to many places for maintenance Botox and such, but she gave me exactly what I needed and nothing I didn't. I sent my best friend to her and she fixed her from what others had overdone, in my opinion! If you can get in with her I wouldn't cancel your appointment for any reason! She is the best and no one else will touch my face!

Dawn C.

South Tampa, Florida

“I am 47 years old and have pock marked skin, which was the primary reason I wanted to have fraxel treatments done and I must say it is one of the best decisions I have made. And, I was surprised at how little it hurt, compared to what others expressed and how quickly I recovered. I know everyone is different, but within 5 days there wasn’t even a trace of redness, dry skin or anything and after just four days whatever was left was easily concealed with makeup. Well that is where my journey began. I was so impressed with Dr. Cross and her abilities I have since had numerous sessions with her for Botox and fillers. They have a full line of products for anything you want treated, and Dr. Cross does just what is needed and takes the time to make sure it is done correctly, she is absolutely amazing and I cannot say enough good things about her, her abilities and her office and staff. She is truly an artist.”


Dr. Cross is a complete professional, that put me right at ease, as she uses the treatment on herself. She was able to manipulate the laser in ways the other place I had been prior was unable…. and there was an assistant there to hold my hand the entire time. It may sound like such a small thing to be happy about, but rather than letting me walk out the door looking like a red faced idiot ;) … they used a calming tinted moisturizer that made me comfortable enough to swing by the store on the way home. It’s only the next day, but I can honestly say that though she used a stronger strength than I had used in the past (by my request) my skin is not nearly as swollen as I had with the other procedures. I cannot thank them enough for their kindness and professionalism. I will definitely be back :)


“Dr. Cross is Tops!”

Amy V.

Tampa, Florida

Dr. Cross is an artist in every sense of the word. I've been to some of the best injectors in the country because my profession is in the aesthetic market and I fly in Tampa to see Dr. Cross. There is no substitute for her innate understanding of facial symmetry and reflection. My face looks youthful, natural, and reflects light in photographs naturally. I look like the best version of me. She has mastered both the art and the science of aesthetics. Do not miss an opportunity to be her patient. She is a gift to aesthetics.

Diane M.

Tampa, Florida

I would trust no other physician to touch their face, I absolutely agree with them. Dr. Cross spent so much time with me explaining everything and my options. …I am so glad that I did and that I made the decision to have Dr. Cross as my facial sculpting physician and so much more. Thank you so very much for your professionalism, care, understanding, knowledge and work of art that you perform! YOU TRULY ARE THE BEST!!!!!!”


Dr. Leanne Cross … is the best doctor you will ever find. I've been to soooo many doctors in the past 5 years for scars from a resurfacing procedure by another doctor in Tampa. I've been to Pa, Az & Fl looking for a good doctor. Dr Cross is amazing. She's extreamly nice & very talented. She performed Fraxel Restore treatment on me (which I've had before) & put Sculptra around my face. In the 5 years of procedures she gave me the best results than all the others put together. Her staff is amazing. I will never go to another doctor again. You won't either once you see her. Amazing. Finally gave me hope, something I haven't had in years for my scars.

Mark P.

Clearwater, FL

Men are increasingly seeking aesthetic medical services, whether to keep competitive in the workplace or just to feel more youthful. Ageless Advanced Aesthetics offers a comprehensive approach geared specifically toward men, including hormone replacement, skin care, advanced technologies and injectables. Dr. Cross has a superior approach to addressing the changes associated with aging in men’s faces, and applies years of expertise and attention to subtle details which keep the male face not looking more youthful, but most importantly, appearing completely natural and maintaining masculine contours.

Michael B.

Clearwater, FL

“As the 2012 and 2011 winner of THE Aesthetic Award for Best Facial Injectable Enhancement, Dr. Cross achieves extraordinary results in non-surgical rejuvenation. …Dr. Cross combines progressive anti-aging techniques and remarkable skill in the use of dermal fillers to restore a natural, refreshed appearance. Recognized by her peers for her professional integrity, innovative contributions and artistry, Dr. Cross has become known as “the injector to the injectors.” A member of Merz Aesthetics’ advisory board, she trains other physicians in facial analysis and contouring. Whether one is looking to renew, repair or enhance, Dr. Cross provides a winning outcome.”

"The Aesthetic Guide"

National Publication

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I just wanted to thank you all so much for always making me feel so comfortable when I'm there. I get so nervous going to doctors but once I walk into your doors I feel better seeing such happy smiles, great attitudes and always being so polite. Dr Cross is so patient and spends a lot of time with me which I greatly appreciate. And to actually try saving me money instead of over filling or doing more than she thinks I need at the time is amazing. Most doctors just want to use the entire vial to make money and don't take as much time or have enough patients. I am again so happy to say I'm so glad she's back and all of you are the most caring people I could hope for. You don't treat me like just another dollar sign. Some doctors you don't want to go to because of the staff. That problem I know I'll never have with you all working there. So thank you. She really picked a good staff and you’re lucky to work with such a professional doctor...My husband thinks you all the best he's ever seen with me and keeps telling me how much he trusts Dr Cross.

Sharon S.

July 16, 2016

Patty received the ablative laser procedure:

It's midnight at my house and probably yours too, but I just wanted to give you an update after my procedure. ..Just as our beloved Dr. Cross had assured me, the pain diminished greatly in a small amount of time. I have patted it with warm water, as directed, and have applied a few more coats of Aquaphor. I am following my post-op instructions to the letter.


I wanted you all to know that you are the cream of the crop in my eyes. From Ellery letting me put a death-grip on her hand as I was getting zapped, to the hot chocolate I didn't get to drink... but mostly, I have never had an actual doctor escort me home! That was the cherry on the top of my pain parfait! 


You all are the very best, and very much appreciated!

Patty R.

May 4, 2016

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